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PDO Threads

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If you’ve ever wished for a face-lift but just can’t face surgery, polydioxanone (PDO) threads offer another approach. At Compassionate Health Med Spa, Robin DePree, NP, and the skilled aesthetics medicine specialists offer PDO thread-lifts in the Wareham MA location.  Learn more about PDO threads and how they can help freshen your look by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool.

PDO Threads Q&A

What are PDO threads?

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are absorbable sutures made of a biocompatible material. When injected in strategic ways, these sutures can lift and tighten the skin in your middle and lower face — the same areas that a surgical face-lift traditionally treats, which is why it's sometimes called a PDO thread-lift. 

PDO threads can also target the upper parts of your face, like the skin around your eyes or your forehead, if needed. 

In addition to lifting your skin, PDO threads also stimulate collagen growth inside your deeper skin layers. The collagen grows gradually over many months, which means that you'll have natural skin support in place as the PDO threads eventually dissolve.

There are several types of PDO threads, including smooth, barbed, and screw textures. Each texture has its own particular uses. Your provider can recommend the right type of PDO threads for you based on your ultimate treatment goals and degree of skin sagging. 

How are PDO threads injected?

PDO threads are injected using very slim hollow needles. Thanks to local anesthesia, you won't find this process painful. 

Your provider injects the PDO threads in a specific pattern — often a meshlike design — that provides maximum skin support. After all the threads are in the optimal positions, your provider trims any excess thread. You won't be able to see the threads underneath your skin.

What happens after a PDO thread-lift?

After a PDO thread-lift, you can generally go back to your normal routine right away. 

Compassionate Health Med Spa provides you with any specific instructions you need to follow after your procedure. For example, you'll need to refrain from rubbing your face or sleeping on your side or stomach to prevent thread shifting.  

How long do PDO threads last?

PDO threads dissolve gradually within about 6-9 months, but because they help you grow new collagen, your results remain. Most people enjoy 1-3 years of great results, depending on the type of PDO threads used in the procedure.

If you follow a thread-lift with a procedure like Ultherapy®, which uses ultrasonic energy pulses to heat your dermal skin layer, you can maximize the results and longevity of your thread-lift. 

You can also combine PDO threads with dermal fillers or neurotoxin injections for additional skin tightening and lifting. 

If you're interested in a PDO thread-lift, reach out to Compassionate Health Med Spa by phone or through the online appointment scheduling link.